Instructor: Alexandre Poulin M.Sc.
ATP Cannabis

Date: Thursday May 20 2021, 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
Location: Online
Language: This workshop will be in english
Cost: see Registration

Workshop description:

After the training, the participant will be able to select strains of cannabis and extraction methods to create products with desired cannabinoid and terpene content. Information about edible and topical cannabis processing, transformation and product development will be shared. The participant will also acquire knowledge of the origin of the plant and of its past, current, and future uses. 

What will be delivered?

  • History of cannabis botany
  • Endocannabinoid system and human health
  • Overview of major cannabinoids
  • Overview of major terpenes
  • Overview of traditional and modern extraction methods
  • Overview of pharmacokinetics concepts
  • Overview of administration routes
  • Overview of dosage methods
  • Overview of edible and topical cannabis products
  • Overview of essential skills for cannabis product development

PEDAGOGICAL STRATEGIES : Mixture  of  directed  presentation  with slide  show  and  biomass  analysis  on  a digital  microscope  with  a  collective discussion style

LEARNING MATERIAL AND CERTIFICATION : Participant content notebook (72 pages)

Skills transmitted?

  • Understanding the basic botany of cannabis
  • Understanding the biochemical interactions of phytocannabinoids
  • Discern between active ingredients and aromatic compounds in cannabis
  • Discern cannabis strains from a scientific perspective
  • Understanding different extraction methods
  • Understanding the journey of active molecules in the human body
  • Understanding the different routes of cannabis administration
  • Understanding cannabis dosage
  • Determining and identifying the right chemical profiles for your needs
  • Understanding the various aspects of edible and topical cannabis products and production

About the instructor

headshot daggupati

Alexandre Poulin  is specialist in strategic development, product formulation, cannabis supply chain, speaker and international consultant.

Seasoned educator and speaker, Alexandre Poulin is passionate and enthusiastic about terroirs and botany. He strives to continuously develop a creative approach in research.

He acquired a unique set of skills thanks to his drive to constantly educate himself on a wide array of subjects, ranging from social equity to business, plant extraction, territorial development and beyond.

His passion for world cuisine and adventure have taken him to travel the globe for several years to perfect his techniques. This allowed him to work with cannabis on four  continents  in  many  traditional  and  state-of-the-art  environments.  With  his creative  approach,  he  develops  rigorous  research  and  development  processes targeting  terpenes,  cannabinoids,  phenolic  compounds  and  their  respective medicinal effects.

He now devotes his efforts and knowledge to the service of the global cannabis industry.  With  a  focus  on  wellness  and  education,  his  goal  is  to  create  amazing products while promoting a socially responsible etiquette.